~Get STICKY at a Theater Near You~

Here’s how it works…

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Fill Out Request Form

Fill out the request form to pick the date, time, and place of the screening.

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Theater Approval

The theater must approve the request before tickets are sold.


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Promote & Sell Tickets!

Sell enough tickets before the event deadline to confirm screening. If the "Threshold" or minimum tickets needed to be sold is not met no one gets charged, and the event is called off.


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Watch The Show!

Sit back and enjoy the movie!


Get Started Now…

STEP 1. SUBMIT REQUEST (10 minutes)

                     Host a Screening

  • Fill out the Event Request Form

    • Tip: Select from participating theaters for a quicker event approval. 
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    • Tip: Your ideal event date is 5-7 weeks from today. Give Yourself enough time to promote your event! Weekdays are preferred after 5:30pm. 
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    • Tip: Get creative - Add a Fundraising, Merchandise, or Sponsors to make your event special. 
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You’ve submitted your Event Request… Now what?

Confirming Details (4-5 business days):

The Promoter Point Person will contact you and finalize the vent details.

Theater Approval (1-2 weeks):

We check to make sure the theater is ok with your preferred date.

Note: If your date is rejected, we will propose another option.


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Confirm your event by selling enough tickets (usually 60-90 at $9-12 each) to meet Threshold. The Promoter Game Plan will guide you toward a sold out event!

Once your event is approved by the theater, your Promoter Point Person will create the Event Page where you’ll sell tickets.

Example link: https://www.tugg.com/events/4236

You’ll have until the Event Deadline - generally about one week prior to your event - to meet your Threshold.

Use the Promoter Messaging feature to thank and encourage our attendees to share your Event Page link. 

When your event meets Threshold, continue to promote and sell tickets until you reach that illustrious “Sold Out” banner on your Event Page!

Check out the Preparing For Your Event Guide


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You’ve submitted your Event Request… Now what?

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 6.19.09 PMThese templates and documents will help you meet Threshold

*Sticky Promoter Tool Kit - art work from the Sticky team to help you promote.

*Promoter Game Plan - A step-by-step guide to meeting Threshold.

*Introduction to Promoting Your Screening - Get started with Promoting tips and tricks.

*Outreach Template - Friends and Family - Ask your friends and family to attend and spread the word.

*Outreach Template - Community Organizations - Ask local organizations and non-profits to attend and spread the word.

* Social Media Outreach Guide - Sample Facebook and Twitter post.

* Creating Your Facebook Event Guide - Set up a Facebook Event for your Tugg screening.

* Sample Press Release - Contact local media outlets about your newsworthy event.

* Tugg Tools - Learn who to message attendees and track outreach success.


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