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Sticky: A (Self) Love Story uses humor and facts to debunk negative social stigmas surrounding sex and masturbation, and helps to counter the myriad of misconceptions perpetuated by the ubiquitous accessibility to pornography today. Give your students important access to this poignant, original, sex-positive film, which has been written up in Newsweek, GQ, The Daily Beast, Playboy, and endorsed by The American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). We are offering to screen the original 72 minute version or the special 52 minute version, which easily fits within a typical classroom setting. For more information Download the educational tour deck!



  • The history of masturbation.
  • The media portrayal of negative sexual stereotypes.
  • Morality, masturbation, and sex for pleasure.
  • The current state of sex education in the United States.
  • Sexual addiction and sexual compulsion.
  • Sexual Attention Deficit Disorder: S.A.D.D.
  • The ways in which masturbation is healthy or harmful.
  • Law and politics around sex for pleasure.
  • The future of masturbation.


SPECIAL SCREENING OFFERS – (Last updated: 2/07/17)

$500     Forty-eight hour educational screening license.

$800     Unlimited educational screenings license.

$1,500  Unlimited educational screenings license  (includes Q&A with writer/director, plus travel fees).

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Screening fees subject to change depending on location, date, and availability!



“Sticky: A (Self) Love Story was a great screening experience! The students enjoyed the insightful documentary, and were enlightened by the lively discussion on sex education that followed the screening.” –Kiana Ghazouli, ASU Voices For Choice Coordinator

“An important film that tackles a very sensitive topic with candor, humor and facts. Students loved it…”– Pamela Landau, Department of Psychology, EMU

“What a comprehensive, fascinating look at the history of masturbation and our culture’s relationship with sexuality. The documentary is well done, entertaining and educational. I enjoyed it, and particularly enjoyed seeing legends like Carol Queen, Betty Dodson, and Joycelyn Elders talk matter-of-factly about the benefits of self-exploration of one’s sexuality.” – Walker Thornton, Author, Sex Educator, Speaker



Denise Acosta
National American Latino Independent Producer
Co-Producer, Sticky: A (Self) Love Story